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The latest CC-ErgoSpin Rexroth tightening system safety, cost two.

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About 10 thousand bolts are used on a car to tighten the bolts efficiently and reliably in all parts of the car, which is essential for improving assembly efficiency and ensuring the safety of the car. BOSCH Rexroth global auto and auto parts manufacturers to provide reliable, full range of tightening solutions, widely used in engine, chassis, gearbox, vehicle, and seats, dashboard and other key parts of the automobile assembly field.
The latest CC-ErgoSpin Rexroth tightening system safety, cost two.
The latest CC-ErgoSpin Rexroth tightening system safety, cost two.
Based on ErgoSpin series handheld tightening system, BOSCH Rexroth's new more affordable CC-ErgoSpin hand tightening system. The CC-ErgoSpin hand tighten the system, users can not only is the key function of the tightening assembly of automobile and components in accordance with the requirements of VDI/VDE2862, can effectively save cost: ergonomic handheld nutrunners optimization technology, and reduce waste. Compared with the pneumatic wrench to tighten, efficient and reliable performance tools to ensure Rexroth better control process, and thus more reliable technology.
The workpiece, bolt, torque, and corner must be perfectly matched to meet quality and work cycle requirements. The tightening wrench is designed specifically for B- assembly quality level fastening operations, meets the VDI/VDE2862 requirements and determines the torque required by current control. The user can use the Rexroth BS350 software running the CC-ErgoSpin operating system to tighten the intuitive and convenient programming. CC-ErgoSpin tightening system operation software contains a number of statistical tools for detailed analysis of tightening. This will prevent incorrect tightening operations, reduce waste generation, minimize maintenance costs, and ensure that the process is highly controlled. In general, the software can be used together with all Rexroth tightening system, thus A and B assembly quality level tightening operation.
CC-ErgoSpin storage has 99 tightening procedures, the user can scan the bar code to automatically switch these procedures, for a variety of continuous tightening work. The tightening wrench can replace more than one pneumatic tightening wrench. This ensures the accuracy of the tightening, saving space and cost. Compared with compressed air technology, CC-ErgoSpin can save about half of the cost of investment for users, meanwhile, energy consumption can be reduced by 95%, and energy saving can be effectively saved.
The tightening wrench is designed firmly and has a long service life. After full load test, the tightening wrench can work continuously for 1 million times before maintenance. Therefore, even in harsh environmental conditions (such as oily workplaces), it is also a safe and reliable tool. At the same time, the wrench is designed with an ergonomically designed handle, with little vibration during operation, so it can also be used in low fatigue factory operations. Unlike the pneumatic tightening wrench, the wrench operates with low noise and is not dangerous due to aging of the compressed air line.
Where is the car manufacturers, there are products and services company. Rexroth offers car and auto parts manufacturing for the global car manufacturers a comprehensive solution. As the transmission and control of the leading global expert, BOSCH Rexroth has always focused on automobile and auto parts manufacturers to provide safe and reliable solutions, the full range of business solutions to customer problems. In addition to tighten solutions, Rexroth also provides assembly and conveying, stamping molding, welding and other solutions.
Drive and control technology of BOSCH Rexroth is committed to all kinds of mechanical equipment and systems to provide a safe, accurate, efficient and cost-effective. Application experience of global integration, research and development of innovative products, solutions and services for customers tailored system walking machines, mechanical applications and engineering, factory automation and renewable energy in each market segment. BOSCH Rexroth also offers a variety of electronic, hydraulic transmission and control, pneumatic, gear technology, linear transmission and assembly technology for customer. The company operates in more than 80 countries worldwide, with more than 37500 professional staff, and worldwide sales of nearly 6 billion 500 million euro in 2012.
Since 1978 to enter the Chinese market, BOSCH Rexroth has established production bases in Beijing, Changzhou and Xi'an, with nearly 3900 employees.

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