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Lifting Belt

EA-A type Circular Lifting Belt


 Features of EA-A Circular lifting belt:
1. Especially suitable for loading circular objects.
2. The outside surface of high-strength flexible polyester industrial filament sling is provided with anti-wear sheath made of polyester material. The surface of the sheath is printed with approved marks and tonnage stripes, and the sheath only plays a protective role.
3. The bearing core is a high-strength polyester fiber rope without joints, and the parallel polyester fiber rope plays a bearing role.
4. The high-strength flexible polyester industrial filament sling is an international standard color hoisting belt ,and the specifications are clearly marked.
5. The hoisting belt is loaded uniformly, thus extending the working life of the hoisting belt.
6. Light and soft, it also can be used in small space.
7. Comply with European standard EN1492-2000 and Chinese industry standard JB/ T8521-2007.


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