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Lifting Belt

EB type flat lifting belt


EB type flat lifting belt features:
1. The wear-resistant sling is made of 100% polyester by stitching. And the reinforced ceiling can be enhanced with a reinforced eye or metal fitting.
2. The wear-resistant sling is made by weaving machine once and processed by different stitching methods. It is divided into two layers and four layers.
3. When hoisting work, it can provide a wide and smooth bearing surface, which is especially suitable when lifting objects with soft surfaces. Because there is no metal contact, the damage caused by the painted surface of the hanging object is extremely slight.
4. Wear-resistant slings have higher protection against wear and damage. In the JB-B wear-resistant slings used in general hoisting, due to the superiority of the sling belt, it can have a long service life.
5. The wear-resistant sling is non-conductive and has no contact danger. The temperature range is -40 °C - 100 °C. The elastic elongation is ≦7%.
6. Wear-resistant slings comply with European EN1492-1:2000 and Chinese industry standard JB/T8521-2007.

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