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MI company: zhongwang 3D optimized tooling and fixture processing process

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You might think that in today's era of widespread use of CNC milling machines, it would be extremely quick and easy to produce customized machine parts, but this is not always the case. Modern Industries(hereinafter referred to as "MI") is a small enterprise located in Pennsylvania, USA. Modern Industries is dedicated to providing customers with workpieces and fixtures that can be installed quickly and move quickly. Due to the need to shorten the product development cycle and improve production efficiency, the company is in urgent need of an efficient CAD/CAM integrated software to improve the market competitiveness of products and services.

Ron Bemis, product engineer at MI, explains why the company introduced zw 3D: "at first our manufacturers used zw 3D 3D CAD/CAM to design fixtures to ensure accurate machining. Then we thought it would help us a lot, so we used it." MI's previous 3D CAD software could not generate the CAM program needed for machining parts, but zw3d could. The intelligent CAM processing program embedded in zhonwang 3D enables MI company to seamlessly connect the design and manufacturing processes, successfully inventing the mPower™ production line for manufacturing workpiece fixtures. This line can reduce machine configuration time by up to 80%, which has a huge positive impact on the company's productivity and profitability.

When MI customers first adopted the mPower™ production line, they expected to continue using their original fixtures in the future, because the whole system cost a lot of money. After using midview 3D, MI usually only needs to know the hole pattern of the customer's existing fixture to design the applicable baseplate. Bemis says, "when a customer needs to customize a particular product, I import the required engineering design documents into midview 3D. Because of its strong data compatibility, we don't need to worry about saving project files in another software format. I was then able to quickly browse through the layers of the previous project plan, select the appropriate parts, quickly examine the distractors, and complete the new design. Thanks to medias3d's ability to quickly input 3D drawings, I was able to get the job done in a few hours."

With the improvement of the company's design efficiency, the quality service to customers is also strengthened, and the timely delivery is more rapid, effectively improving the market share and advantages. For example, it used to take a day for a machine factory to set up and replace a machine, but now with the help of medias3d and mPower™, the machine conversion time can be compressed to about an hour.

At present, the newly launched zhongwang 3D 2014 official version is more intelligent in CAM processing. The strategic processing system only needs to specify one processed part, and then it can automatically identify the machining area of the part and automatically generate the machining tool path. The new software performs better in 3D drawing data interaction, increasing the speed by up to 50% and saving designers more time to convert data. The fully upgraded zhonwang 3D can help more small and medium-sized enterprises like MI reduce costs and improve efficiency. Now, zhongwang 3D is carrying out the 3D CAD software support program for smes, providing up to 3 sets of 2014 version of zhongwang 3D for eligible smes to help them transform to 3D design.

Zhongwang 3D is the preferred brand of 3D CAD/CAM software recommended by the ministry of industry and information technology of China for military enterprises, providing enterprises with cost-effective 3D CAD/CAM authentic solutions, including modeling, mold, assembly, reverse engineering, sheet metal, 2-5 axis processing and other functional modules. Efficient compatibility with other 3d CAD software, integration of rich parts library, easy to learn easy to use, provide new learning tutorials and industry 3d CAD drawings free download, let you more easily master 3d CAD design and CAM processing programming. Download the latest version now and apply for free 3D CAD/CAM&3D printing training.

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